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Deep within the heart of Wonderland stood an ancient carousel known as the Quantum Wheel. As if holding the very essence of magic, this enchanting wonder was safeguarded by the enigmatic and mighty Carousel's Muses. Each muse, as they gracefully stepped foot onto the carousel's ornate platform, brought forth a unique gift that set the grand contraption into motion. With a single touch, the carousel responded, spinning and twirling, its previously dormant state now giving birth to a celestial dance of resplendent lights and shimmering colours. A collection of 66 mysterious & supernatural figures, EACH WITH THEIR OWN UNIQUE STORY TO UNLOCK.
                                                              66 Vampire Muses will be listed
                                                                        52 Common Muses
                                                                            6 Rare Muses
                                                                       5 Super Rare Muses
                                                                        2 Epic Joker Muses
                                                                       1/1 Legendary Muse
                                                           1/1 Special Renaissance Punk Girl

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