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As the pallid orb of the full moon rises in the night sky, a chill of dread creeps through the ether of Wonderland. For it is only during this eerie time that the fabled vampires of lore materialise. The Vampire Muses in Wonderland! A collection of 66 mysterious and supernatural figures, each with their own unique story to unlock. These magical beings are said to commune with their alien ancestors and gain insight into the mysteries of the universe. OWN ONE AND UNLOCK THEIR FULL SECRET STORIES. Venture into their dominion, and you may be granted a glimpse into the mysteries of the dark ages now shrouded in the shadows of the past.

66 Vampire Muses will be listed

53 Common Muses

6 Rare Muses

4 Super Rare Muses

2 Epic Joker Muses

1/1 Legendary Muse

1/1 Special Renaissance Punk Girl


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