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Hi, my name is Violette Cici, I am a French/Australian Digital AI Creator.

​Creative & thinking mind mixed with madness & a little touch of magic.

​My concept of work & Artificial intelligence:

​I believe that each species has its own perspective which creates a unique reality. The more we can open ourselves to the idea that other realities different than our own exist, the faster we can accept new ideas and viewpoints – and the richer our lives will be. This is an important part of my art.

AI can help generate ideas, generate new forms and shapes, and explore different colours and textures. AI also allows for experimentation with new techniques and materials. Its ability to quickly process information and generate new works of art gives artists the freedom to express themselves in ways they may not have been able to before. With AI, art can reach new heights of expression and complexity, giving artists a powerful tool to create works of art that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. AI is not replacing human creativity, but instead, giving us new tools and options to enhance our creative potential.

About les Renaissances Punk Girls:

Once upon a time, in the magical land of wonderland, there lived a group of Renaissance Punk Girls. These magic beings loved nothing more than to dress up in their finest clothes and dance the night away. They were always the life of the party, and everyone who met them was enchanted by their charm and beauty. 

They had a unique and eclectic style, one that combined elements of the past and present. They embraced the punk ethos of self-expression and rebellion and maintained a strong connection with their roots. Their love of music and fashion was always evident, and they were never seen without their signature punk hairstyles.

The girls had a special bond, something that could only be described as surreal. They were like a family, and they shared a deep philosophical understanding of the world. They had a way of making ordinary moments extraordinary, and they always found beauty in the most unexpected places. The girls spent their days exploring the wonders of Wonderland, believing that life was a beautiful journey to be experienced and enjoyed. They were never afraid to take risks, and their fearless attitude towards life was infectious. Every day was an adventure, and together, they were able to create a world of their own.


The girls were a reminder that life was meant to be lived and explored, and that life was full of possibilities. They showed us that it was ok to be different and that we should always strive to be our true selves. They taught us never to be afraid of the unknown, and that we should always stay true to ourselves. The Renaissance Punk Girls of Wonderland will forever be remembered for their wisdom and courage, and for their belief that life is to be embraced and celebrated. They will always be remembered as a symbol of hope and beauty.

About the Vampire Muses Trilogy:

The Vampire Muses Trilogy is a product of my love for fantastical settings, captivating stories, and exploration of all things supernatural. I wanted to create something that reflected my delight in fairytales, adventure, and science fiction— something that could sweep its viewers away to a realm of fantasy. The collection examines the contrast between classical and modern aesthetics, paying homage to alternative cultures and celebrating the myriad of ways that people express themselves.


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